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You've got questions

(Here are answers)

What kind of books do you write?

The most successful books have been about business-building, marketing and entrepreneurship, but I've also written motivational books, as well as volumes on topics ranging from bonsai-growing to relationships. The only way to know for sure if your book idea is suitable is to ask!


Can you help me write my memoir?

Probably, but bear in mind that readers aren't usually interested in the story of someone else's life; they want to know what that story can do for their own lives. If we can take your personal account and craft it into a book that delivers life lessons to others then we'll have something.


What's the difference between collaborative writing and ghostwriting?

The degree of client involvement, but there's no sharp line between the two. Collaborative writing usually requires the client to provide a large amount of prepared material which the writer turns into a book. Ghostwriting takes ideas and anecdotes from the client and crafts them into a manuscript. Either way, the book and its contents are still the client's.

How will we communicate?

Initially by email but then by phone or Skype if necessary. Some clients like regular calls; others prefer to be updated at set milestones.


Can you help to arrange publication?

For an additional fee, I can put together a query and a proposal, and send them out to agents on your behalf. But I can't guarantee publication. Nor is it necessary these days. Anyone can now self-publish as long as they're prepared to market themselves.


What are your payment terms?

They're usually about 10 percent at the start of the project. We can then agree on milestones for delivery and future payments.


How long will it take for my manuscript to be ready?

It depends on the nature of the book. In general, a book will proceed at a rate of about 100 pages a month but research time may add to that. About three months is a good ballpark figure. The start date will vary according to demand though. It pays to reserve early!

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